Monday, 22 February 2016

Two new designs for Wednesday...

Mandy has been hard at work this week and has been trying out two other designs for book folding on Wednesday. So we now have the choice of hearts, stars, butterflies, hedgehogs or flowers.

Don't forget your books! (And sharp pencils and rulers if you have your own preferred ones.) And don't forget your "Cut It" challenge projects.

83 folds, minimum number of pages - 166
127 folds, minimum number of pages - 254

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Folded book art

Our February workshop is coming up on Wed 24th Feb, so I know I am earlier than normal with the blog, but I want to give you chance to find your perfect books for our book folding demos! 

And yes I know this first project is hearts again, and I know we will be past Valentine's day, but this is a good starter project for following a book folding pattern. We have two alternatives available - the larger heart above or the more petite one below. Mandy and I will be on hand to show you how.

The books used came from Pound Land in Epsom. Also The Works is another possibility for new books. If you prefer to buy from charity shops make sure you check the quality of the pages as if they are too thin they may tear. The larger heart pattern needs a hardback book that has 216 pages minimum and minimum height of 21.5cm. (I used Justine Henin's Biography from the Pound Shop which was 250 pages and height 21cm and it was fine - 6 of these available on the night and you may find more in other Pound Lands) The smaller heart pattern needs a hardback book - minimum height 19cm and minimum 170 pages. The hearts are the more advanced project of the evening and do require measuring before folding. Rulers and sharp pencils will be available but if you prefer to bring your own then please do. We also have several bone folders available for use, but again if you have your own feel free to bring it along.

We do have a couple of alternatives if you don't fancy all the measuring. Karen will be showing you how to fold your paperback books into these cute little hedgehogs - no measuring required but a fair amount of folding. If you want to have a go at these little chaps then please bring a paperback book with at least 180 pages. Size of book will determine size of hedgehog, so no minimum book height. (If you can face it this early in the year she can also show you how to make book folded Christmas trees!)

If you don't want to destroy a whole book, but instead just tear out a few pages (!) then you can revisit some of the flower folding techniques that we have covered in previous years, but this time use book pages instead. You may even want to do this as well as a folded book as they make good embellishments to decorate your works of art. (we have some books left over from previous book page projects, but you may prefer to source your own for this too.)

And if you really can't bear to destroy books at all then have another go at iris folding with Michelle!

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Paint charts, punches and paper piecing...

Looks like we are all ready for February 14th after last week's workshop! Lots of hearts in various styles. Here are the paint chart hearts using shades of the same colour tone.

And a couple of mosaic style hearts...

And a couple of cards exploring colour/tone in a different way...

The paper piecing demo explored the use of pattern as well as colour...first up paper strips, with a few hearts creeping in though!

Paper weaving...

And moving away from paper strips to incorporating torn paper, matting and layering and other shapes, oh and a few hearts!