Monday, 22 June 2015

Competition time...

So this month I can't give much away as we have decided to make Wednesday a "Technical Challenge Competition" workshop, with all cards made being entered for our Summer competition. This is in place of our usual Summer competition, normally judged at Village Day.

This year our judge will be on hand to demonstrate techniques and ideas then you will interpret the ideas according to the brief and create your own card. The winner will win back their membership and there will be crafty prizes for the runner up. All I will say is that the technique involves working with Promarkers. If you do have your own Promarkers or equivalent you are welcome to bring them, but please make sure each pen is marked with your initials or some other form of identifying who it belongs to.

See you on Wednesday - happy colouring!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

May workshop: Bokeh (doesn't rhyme with May) and Kay (does rhyme with May)!

Looks like you all had fun at the last workshop - some great card designs. See below for bokeh technique and follow the link to find out more on how to do it. I've looked up the pronunciation and it seems it's not pronounced "bow kay" (to rhyme with May) or "bow kuh" (to rhyme with huh), but "bow ke" (like the start of kettle). So now that's settled let's look at the pictures!

And a very diverse range of paper collage designs produced too. Thanks Kay (rhymes with May) for your demo and photography.

Don't forget to have your say (rhymes with May!) and email me your top THREE choices from the selection of 3D challenge cards pictured below. Votes will be counted and the winner of the free workshop will be the card with the most votes. (In the event of a tie we will look at the number of 1st, 2nd, 3rd votes etc.)